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In 2007 Ateliers Varan began a second stage focused on the writing, production and shooting of a documentary serial entitled Les enfants de Kaboul ('Children of Kabul'). The workshop featured an editing option. Eight people (mostly from the 2006 workshop) took part, five as directors and three as editors. The project continued in 2008 with final shooting, a first editing session and the screening of the films in Kabul. The films were then edited in Paris by their young Afghan directors and subsequently screened at two major international film festivals - Leipzig DOK (October 2008) and the Festival des Trois Continents in Nantes (November 2008). A third stage began in May 2009.

The first stage in 2006 was realised in partnership with the University of Kabul - Department of Cinema, Radio-Television Afghanistan (RTA) and Afghan Film and co-financed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel, the French Cultural Centre Kabul, the Goethe-Institut Kabul and UNESCO Kabul. It involved 10 young film makers from various ethnic and social groups (four of whom were women) and resulted in the production of 10 short documentaries depicting with insight the realities of reconstructing the country. All the films were broadcast by Radio-Television Afghanistan (RTA) in 2007. The equipment provided - cameras, editing and projection facilities - remained in Kabul at the Goethe-Institut for students to use.

Ateliers Varan trains documentary filmmakers in developing countries throughout the world, offering local filmmakers two months' training in screenwriting, camera work and editing. The Ateliers Varan project in Afghanistan - Atelier Varan in Kabul - was initiated in 2006 jointly by the French Cultural Centre Kabul and the Goethe-Institut Kabul with the aim of giving Afghan people – and the rest of the world – a different vision of their country than the one generally propagated by the media.
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