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Hey there, I know that About Me sections can be difficult to get through but I'm going to get us through this. My name is Rochelle Amour. I was born and raised in Trinidad and have been writing for a decade.Take a gander at my profile on the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers of T&T here - it's great stuff. A lot of people have given me great feedback - especially my very unbiased family and friends.
I blog on Medium. In 2016, I was featured in the anthology ‘Hey, Who’s in My House? Stepkids Speak Out’ (Motivational Press 2015), available for purchase here. I also write copy for corporate websites and brochures. It sounds boring but I add a certain pizzazz to corporate copy that people really enjoy (thank God).
Since my WCC Training, I've embraced collaboration and become the co-host and co-producer of T&T Unpacked, a Caribbean culture podcast (available on iTunes). Thanks for checking me out. Get in touch or check out more of my work at my website:
Rochelle Amour
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